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To improve quality of life through resources and economic development, as well as,
transform communities through educational and economical empowerment.


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Empower Families

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what we do

Our vision is to live in a world where all men and women
have equal opportunity and to eradicate poverty and transform communities globally.

Our vision is to live in a world and contribute to

Equal Opportunity

We are moving from zero to one, not from one to hundred. That means we are focused on creating new opportunities, not copying the existing ones.

Eradication of Poverty

Working with intelligent, creative children and engineers who are having life-changing experiences.

Global Transformation

Families all over the world are in need of resources and as a community we will work together to meet their needs..


Adrian & Ashley Peterson

Adrian Peterson
Founder and Director

Ashley Peterson
Founder, Director, President

We are a foundation who believes in encouraging and empowering individuals and families to work together to make a difference in our communities. We want to help eradicate poverty by working to create and develop greater opportunities for underserved individuals, especially children. We aspire to inspire children in the areas of robotics, science, and technology. We are passionate about innovation and believe some of the brightest minds have yet to be discovered. Therefore, we want to help develop the resources needed and empower all men and women to work together to make a true impact.

Why Donate?

Your contribution helps us make an impact on the lives of families, together. The educational programs, resources, and services the A&A Peterson Family Foundation provides benefits families by giving them access to technologically advanced educational programs and resources to help meet their survival needs. There are so many individuals and families who need us to be their voice and empower them with more than just our prayers, but with our resources and financial support. Make an impact today and donate!


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